Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photographer card template sale!!

I've been bombarded with questions from other photographers lately about where I get my card templates for holidays & other things like gift certificates, so I thought I'd put all of my available templates in one place to make it easier for everyone to look through and find what they want!

The first set is my very first card template collection, The Sweetheart Collection! These cards started out specifically for Valentine's Day but I quickly realized that I wanted them to be less about Valentine's and more about little girls, whether it be for a holidays, a simple I Love You reminder, or for a birthday invitation for your princess!

The collection includes a 5x5 trifold, a 5x5 flat, a vertical flat, & a horizontal folded card, all created to match WHCC's card specs. The text is completely customizable so you can use them for many different occasions! For my first collection I'm releasing all 4 fully designed card templates for $10!

Next, I have a customizable Gift Certificate template that can be used for your clients - $5 sale!

This is a 10x10 Storyboard - $5 sale!

And an 11x14 image template - $5 sale!

OR purchase all templates for $20!!

All templates will be sent to you as layered psd files within 24 hours!


Anonymous said...

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brandedbphotography said...

I ordered two of these things but haven't received them yet...I ordered them over a week ago.:(

Ashley said...

I also ordered a template and have not received it yet and I need it right away when will I get it?

Anonymous said...

Ordered a template a week ago and haven't received it or an email back.