Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pay it Forward + Eden's Bouquet!!

Call or email TODAY, December 9th to book your session and receive a 16x20 print of your choice!!! The incentives change daily!! ( or 740.221.1838)

I love love love the Pay it Forward Blog! If you're a photograper and you haven't been there prepare to bookmark it because it will take multiple visits to download all the goodies (goodies=resources lol) that await you there! Did I mention that Michelle and I have a feature there today?!

Some of you may remember the feature I did recently on Eden's Bouquet - the place I discovered the most glorious children's clothes on earth! I don't know if any of you mothers are familiar with Cookie Magazine (I have a sub!) but they have chosen one of Jen's incredible blouses as a top pick for Obama's daughters to wear to inauguration! Take a look! And then go have a look at Eden's Bouquet. Trust me - there's something you want there!

And lastly, another peek for Jessica, the ever so patient bride waiting on me to finish her gazillion wedding images haha!