Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another stop on my hunt for furniture!

Many of you know that Michelle (Black) and I are down to the furnishing stage of getting our new studio together and we have been doing tons of web surfing along the way...looking for ideas, and now actually getting to start purchasing it! I'm like a kid in a candy store, looking around at all of the pretty shapes and colors! Her and I have sent each other link after link to chair after chair, after loveseat, after couch...!!! My latest find is Lombok! I just happened to run across them...they were not a company I had heard of before but the beautiful things on the front of the site enticed me (I love the feel of browns and blues!)! They offer stylish Eastern inspired furniture, lighting, and just about any other home decor you could think of, and I got lost roaming around for a while lol.

I found a super cute log basket made of all natural materials that would be perfect for our wood burner! But I think I could find quite a few other uses for it too!

And some gorgeous natural laundry baskets that I was drooling over! I love that they use recycled and natural materials whenever possible.

And the lamp shades....

I wish this chair was mine too!

I started out looking for things for my studio and ended up dreaming for things for my home lol! But I keep telling myself, if the studio does well maybe I will be able to redecorate my house one day! ; ) Am I the only one that does this? Going around drooling over things that I don't have as if I really need anything else? I mean, in this case I actually do need things, for the studio, and my house furniture isn't exactly new but I did not REALLY need anything new for the house. But I might be convinced I do now! Did I mention the lamps?! ; )


RebeccaCook said...

ok. sooo jealous! looks like fun

Bella Valentina Photography said...

Well the prices aren't necessarily fun but the shopping is for sure!

Dana said...

I LOVE the chair in the last shot. OK, now I also wish it was mine. Great find!