Sunday, May 31, 2009

Princess Mia

One of the only families I will never charge a session fee or full price for prints. Our friends Mike & Michelle have hooked us up with cheap & free music gear for years so this is my way of showing my appreciation.

I did Mia's 2nd birthday pictures so I was super excited and honored to be doing her 3rd bday images as well. She was a complete doll, never wanting to let go of the princess tiaras/crown or the little wooden bench. I ended up letting her take the bench home with her because she was just that sweet! And every time I put together a little 'set' for her, she was take everything and move it around to her liking. And I did a LOT of chasing in hopes of at least some great candids. In the end, we got some beautiful images and I had a pleasure spending time with her.


Paula O'Hara said...

Absolutely gorgeous set of photos!

© Eclisse Creazioni Art & Photography said...

I saw some of this on Flikr but i have to say that I LOVE the second one... BREATHTAKING!!!! I also like how u used the red background on this series!!!! GREAT JOB MAMA!!!!!

Kina Williams said...

awwww...great job Jess!! I too love that second one!! Looks like y'all had a LOT of fun with this one! :D

Nancy said...

Omg she's so cute!! What beautiful photographs... you really captured her sweetness :)