Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The wedding of all weddings

Of course, all weddings are special....the ultimate declaration of love, sometimes the fruition of years of a little girls dreams. But this be able to document such a day, for one of my dearest friends, was more wonderful than anything I could have imagined. To be able to watch someone I love so much finally find the love I know that he deserves is more amazing than words. To know, watching them together, that they are even more in love than most... it was breathtaking.

Thank you Dana and Arianna, for allowing me this. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. Not overdone, just simple, and beautiful, and full of love.


rachel said...

Awesome! Are you planning on posting any more? I'd love to see them.

Bella Valentina Photography said...

I definitely will! I just have about 6 other sessions to edit before I can really work on it lol!