Friday, July 10, 2009

Client spotlight - Becca!

So, I recently booked a senior session with the beautiful Becca, only to find out right before the shoot that her older brother is an old friend of my husbands! What a small world!

Becca promptly told me that she hadn't really had pictures done since she was a child, and that she would probably need some direction. That was NOT the case at all! She is a natural beauty and that shined through in all of her pictures! Her are my first few edits!


heidi said...

beautiful! i cant wait to book our session! She has a radiant smile!

Bella Valentina Photography said...

Thank you! Yes, she was a sweetheart!

Luigi from said...

Wow! What a small world. I agree, she is really a natural. Her smile is really beautiful. She is truly a sweetheart.:) Thank you for sharing the photos.:)