Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tackling different light situations {Zanesville OH Photographer}

Lighting has become my obsession. I adjust the lighting a gazillion times during a session - if they sit, I lower the light stand, they stand back up, I raise it, a half hour later the natural light differs just enough that I have to readjust.... and everyone always asks me about my lighting, so here it goes...

If I'm in the studio I use my softboxes first. If that's not enough, I add my continuous umbrellas. When I'm outside I love using a reflector to bounce the light back on to my subject. But sometimes that's not possible, so I need to use fill flash. Its the same with some wedding reception cases - low light, no room to set up artifical lighting, and then I need to use flash. I absolutely despise on camera flash. But even my speedlight alone leaves a lot to be desired, so I use my Gary Fong flash diffuser. My speedlight allows me to swivel the head so that flash isn't direct and harsh. I can bounce it and its even more diffused ALL THE WAY AROUND because of the lightsphere. This is the best flash diffusing device I've tried so far and I highly recommend it for anyone that ever uses a flash!

If anyone has anything further to contribute about lighting I'd love to hear how you handle the different situations! And if you've tried the Lightsphere, what do you think of it?

Samples of my work in and out of studio can be seen here!