Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sweetheart Collection Card Templates for Photographers - Bella Valentina Photography (Zanesville, Ohio)

With the upcoming Princess Minis I'm having, as well as all the other custom shoots other photographers are offering , I wanted to bring back The Sweetheart Collection! These cards started out specifically for Valentine's Day but I quickly realized that I wanted them to be less about Valentines and more about little girls, whether it be for a holidays, a simple I Love You reminder, or for a birthday invitation for your princess!

The collection includes a 5x5 trifold, a 5x5 flat, a vertical flat, & a horizontal folded card, all created to match WHCC's card specs. The text is completely customizable so you can use them for many different occasions! To celebrate Princesses everywhere I'm offering all 4 fully designed card templates for $5!!


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