Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Updates and Features!!

!Contest News!

As I said in my last blog, I'm very excited about this contest and look forward to announcing the winner and setting up details! The winner will be announced on January 25th and will be posted here and on Myspace as well as being contacted personally with details.

Again, if you have entered you may want to start thinking about any ideas you have in mind for your session if you win!! Do you want individual photos? Photos of your children? Your band?

If you haven't entered hurry up and do so now - Subscribe to this blog and post my banner on your myspace page and you will be entered automatically to win a free photo session and 8x10 print!

!Features: House of Jules!

I am very excited about these finds!! For any new subscribers this is where I post links to great vintage finds that would be perfect for photo shoots, or art, jewelry and other fun stuff!

Vintage WWII Uniform

Vintage View Master Stereoscope

framed Vintage Folk Art

!Recent News!

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!Recent Photos!

These are a few recent candids of my family - my daughters and my father -


FireMom said...

I love the first candid. The smile/laugh is just so perfect. :)

Bella Valentina Photography said...

Thanks Jenna! She laughs more than anyone I know!

MichelleBlack said...

The image of your Dad is sooooo good! He's so handsome :) said...

Thanks Michelle! And it's your quicken action set!