Monday, October 27, 2008

Daily booking incentive + intimate sessions!

Call or email TODAY, October 27th to book your session and receive a $20 print credit!! The incentives will change daily!! ( or 740.221.1838)

I am looking to build my newborn portfolio so anyone that books me to come in within the first 10 days after their bundle's arrival will get a $20 session that includes a set of 25 custom birth announcements! This is a limited time offer to build up my newborn portfolio so this will NOT last long! And please check for my Holiday Special!

Earlier this summer I was approached by someone looking to do intimate images for her husband as a gift - she wanted to know if I would consider doing such a session. I told her I didn't have any experience with this type of shoot but that I'd gladly do it if I could do it in a tasteful manner. My worst fear was something akin to Glamour Shots gone very wrong, lol! I've since done two and the end result is something I am very proud of. These images allowed two women that are married with children to really feel beautiful in a way that they haven't in a very long time.

I realized that this could be a great niche as there aren't many female photographers in my area, and I haven't heard of any that will come in to the comfort of your home and do these types of sessions. Don't get me wrong, male photogs can do these sessions as well but many women (and their husbands) aren't quite as comfortable with that. And I haven't had any complaints from the husbands yet, lol! So ladies, ask me about my intimate sessions - they are the perfect Chiristmas gift!