Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top 10 photographers!!

As part of something I read on flickr today I am doing a top 10 featuring some of my favorite photographers - if you'd like to read about this challenge you can find it here!

1. Heather Evans Smith Photography

Her work is dreamy, conceptual, and feels very intimate regardless of the subject. To pick a favorite image is an impossibility! She inspires me to no end!

Smart woman that she is, I can not right click and copy her images so I'm going to link you to a collage instead! But please do visit her amazing new site!

2. Deyan Stefanov

He thinks outside of the box, with strengths in composition, originality, and excellent contrasts and tones!

3. Silent Shudder Photography

Tim is a master of atmosphere and mood! His tones and textures and view of the world in general lends to the incredible moods of his portraits. I've been fortunate enough to be photographed by him and think he's going to be sought after by many in his area (and further)!

4. Anniken Hannevik

I have only recently discovered Anniken's work and website! Her work runs the realms of portraits, fashion, nature, conceptual, macro, and children. And the music on her site somehow sucks me in even more and makes me want to look through there all day!

5. Alyz

Alyz caught my eye back when I spent WAY too much time on deviantArt! She tells stories with her photographic art as many artists do. She just does it a bit quirkier lol! I lover that her work is artistic, conceptual, and just bizarre enough to intrigue me!

6. Nikaa

Hers is a world of wishes and dreams, whimsical and beautiful, like fairy tales. I also can not save her pictures to post here but please please take the time to visit her flickr gallery and look through her work!

7. Esther Hernandez

Esther's is also a world of dreams, and sometimes borders on nightmares lol! Her pictures are like glimpses of a soul...leaving you wanting to know more...more about the subject, more about the artist....

Yet again I can't upload an image so please visit her website and take a look around!

8. Melissa Rodwell

Melissa captivates me with her fashion work - I'm especially drawn to her lighting and inspired by everything she does and shares. Which is TONS by the way - she is so helpful and willing to guide us as artists. I have to thank her personally for being such a sweetheart to me!

Please visit her site as well as her very informative blog!!

9. Ella Manor

Ella Manor is experimental and admittedly off the cuff. I'm intrigued by her light and movement and in love with her post work.

Please visit her galleries at her website!

10. Lilya Corneli

Michelle Black once referred me to Lilya's site and I have been inspired by her ever since! Her self portrait work is incredible and I love her use of color and texture!

Again, I have no access to her images so please visit her website!

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Wow!!! some amazing artists I had never heard of in here :D lilya is especially amazing and I am blown away with how all her images are absolutely unique in its own way. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these lovely. I think I may have to do a top 10 blog aswell.


figgiepudding said...

I second the "wow" on this post!! I'm always on the lookout for more amazing artists to learn from and admire their work... thank you for this post!!

BTW, thanks for the visit to my blog! :D It's not often I have visitors, but I love to see when someone's stopped by! :)

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