Friday, January 4, 2008

Excited about 2008!!

This year has the potential to be the most fulfilling year yet in my business endeavors. Though I enjoyed everything about my partnership it will be exciting to follow my own lead and see where that takes me! I have several things lined up in the near future in terms of client shoots and model/concept experimentation. I am finally getting the site to come together and ask for feedback in a poll here on my blog. I am also looking for feedback on the business name. It has special meaning for me but I am concerned about the length? The pricing for my services will be up shortly. Keep an eye out for that as I will have special introductory rates! I look forward to many fun and creative sessions and building client relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Here are a few pictures I took of my girls during the holidays. Lourdes Bella Star and Scarlet Valentina....

Happy 2008!!!


bash said...

hey jess

i like the blog, and maybe it's just my computer, but i have no navigation at the top of the screen. i click on the link for your blog on your website, then i get a new pop up window for this blog. but in that pop-up, there's no navigation possible. this probably wouldn't be an issue, but when you click your photos (as i did, in the latest entry) - you get to view the photo as a bigger version, but then you have no way to navigate "back" to the blog itself.

just a heads up. and if it's just a problem on my end, or if i'm missing something.. my apologies.


MichelleBlack said...

Those are just adorable, and you're doing a great job with the lighting! Are you using your reflector here?

Bella Valentina Photography said...

Nope! Just natural light for those! Thank you!!